When we first met Ken of Wraptor Tackle Roll his online store was averaging about $3k/month and they relied mostly on consumer fishing shows to promote and sell their products.

They were convinced Facebook ads “didn’t work for them.” The first month, we proved that wasn’t true. Here’s how.

The Problem

The client had a great product that generated a lot of interest, but needed to get it in front of more people.

They spent most of their time and budget going to consumer shows, which were expensive and tiring. Not to mention a seasonal sales decline from August to September, they hoped to avoid.

They’d previously spent a couple thousand dollars boosting posts on Facebook with no results.

Although skeptical about ads, they wanted to scale and minimize seasonal sales dips, so they were ready to invest.

The Solution

We first reviewed their online assets (website, social media pages, and ad account) to establish the health of the brand and create a plan.

Our experience with outdoor industry clients allowed us to quickly zero in on the right audiences and focus our testing on the ideal messaging and creative to get noticed.

The plan included recommendations for their social media & email marketing strategies to ensure all channels were supporting each other.

The initial focus was on bringing new traffic to the site, and getting their product in front of more people with a small discount offer. The campaign launched with immediate results.

Want Results Like This?

The Result

A 391% increase in year over year sales for this Outdoor Brand

In less than 2 months working with D2 Strategic, our fishing brand client generated more revenue than the entire previous 12 months.

Just 6 weeks after launching their ads, the clients total revenue had surpassed the previous 12 months. November and December were record months and by years end they had nearly 4x the previous year’s revenue. They also had an extra $11k per month revenue coming into their business.

The year ended with just over $10,000 in ad spend and $60,170 in sales directly from ads.

in Ad Spend

Return on Ad Spend

Revenue Generated

Services We Offered

Our involvement included:

  • Marketing Strategy Action Plan – do you have a roadmap for success?

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising – are you reaching your ROAS goals? (Industry avg for e-comm is 3x)

  • Email Marketing Strategy – does your email support and nurture your website visitors?

  • Social Media Strategy and Training – are you keeping your customers engaged?

  • Ongoing Strategy – to continually boost sales month after month

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We help outdoor brands scale their revenue and get seen by more of their ideal customers through Facebook ads and other marketing strategies.

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