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“Why is Google Analytics  4 important? (And how to add it to your website)”

Wednesday,  February 15th (12-1pm central) – Live on Zoom

(If you can’t make this workshop and would like to be notified of future workshops, send me a email.)

Have you heard the current Google Analytics is going to stop working on July 1, 2023?  Google recommends you install the new version  GA4 now, so it can start collecting data before you’ll need it and you’ll have a full year of data (2023) in one platform.

In this 1 hour hands-on workshop you’ll learn:

  • WHY you should install  Google Analytics 4 now
  • HOW to easily add it to your WordPress or Squarespace site
  • THREE  GA4 reports to gain insight into your website visitors (and use them to take action!) 

I’ll cover why you should install Google Analytics 4 on your website now, walk you through how to do it, and share why understanding your data can improve your marketing.

This is the perfect workshop for people that want to understand more about analytics and need some extra guidance on how to set things up.  Just complete the form below.

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