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3 Tips to track & measure your marketing efforts.

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Looking to increase revenue or generate more leads for your business?  We deliver proven results with strategy, testing, and data.

We use smart audience research, a tested framework, and years of  experience to create a campaign strategy that supports your business goals!

Success Stories

Dina’s strategy and implementation of  paid social into our overall marketing  mix has benefited us enormously.  We routinely see  10x – 20x ROAS (return on ad spend) with our campaigns.

Having a strategic partner who understands how to use social channels effectively and can communicate the St. Croix brand message to our target audience is a win-win!

Jesse Simpkins - Director of Marketing, St. Croix Rods

We started running Facebook ads with Dina and D2 Strategic in April and by the end of May we had our two best revenue months ever, already passing our revenue totals for 2019. Our past experiences with FB advertising and boosting didn’t provide good results. This has been a game changer. I’d absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking to increase online sales.

We’re thrilled with the results of our Lead Gen campaign – over 4200 email addresses for less than 20 cents each.  Thanks for your insight and helping us increase awareness of our brands.

Paul Michele, Global Director Sales & MarketingPaul Michele - Global Director Sales & Marketing, A Band Of Anglers

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It comes down to figuring out  what’s working and what isn’t as fast as possible.

My clients have told me “Facebook ads don’t work for us”  – right before I deliver their highest revenue months ever.  It’s not rocket science, but it does take knowledge of the platform, combined with solid strategy, and business and marketing experience to find the sweet spot of success.

Dina Pruitt Two Rivers Park

Hi, my name is Dina Pruitt.  I’m a Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist AND a Google Analytics nerd.

Businesses hire me to increase online sales and deliver qualified leads for re-marketing.

My 20+ years of experience managing website projects and implementing marketing strategy for the travel and outdoor industry makes me uniquely qualified to deliver results.

I understand not only how to build paid social campaigns, but I know how to assess and address the bottle-necks on your website that may hurt your results.

I use Google Analytics to monitor and measure results to provide data-driven strategies.

I’m excited to wake up each day and use my experience to help your business succeed.

If you’re ready to create a plan and get results, schedule a free consultation today.

3 Tips to Measure Your Marketing and see what's working!

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